Buckeye Beach Park

Property Attributes
Property Insurance
Pets Allowed
Garbage Bins
Onsite Manager
Maximum per RV
5 people
Vehicles per Site
2 vehicles
Stay Length
1 - 360
Maximum RV Length
40 feet
Number of Sites
43 sites
/ Day
/ Month
Bonita B
Response rate: 
Response time:
several hours
Listing Type:
Overnight Site
Boondocking is free, dry and no reservations required
Property Type:
RV Park / Campground, Winery, Parking Lot
Property Amenities:
Off Leash Area
Water Activities
Wine Tasting
Site Amenities:
Power, Water, Sewer
RV Pad:
Pull-through, Back in, Gravel
Whether you are looking for a weekend get away or summers on the Lake, we can accommodate your RV and Camping needs. With electric, water, sewer & trash paid you will only worry about a monthly lot fee.

Unless you are prone to leave your RV over the winter months and you can be charged a Seasonal-Fee $5,500, which proves to be quite the savings. No storage required, simply pick your spot and never worry about it again. Each summer you will return to your nestled RV in your spot ready for fun!

Add to the enjoyment of Buckeye Lake with a boat and launch it or dock it within steps of your Recreational Vehicle, it is like having a house on the lake.

Coming soon…we will have up to 20 Cottages for rent on a weekend, weekly or monthly basis. See some pictures of our ideas. 10 of these will have restrooms and kitchenettes, the other 10 will initially be more primitive, for the true campers.
Site Type
Power - 15 Amp
Power - 30 Amp
Power - 50 Amp
Power - 15 Amp
Power - 30 Amp
Power - 50 Amp
Power - 15 Amp
Power - 30 Amp
Power - 50 Amp
Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellations made 30 days before will be fully refunded.
  • Cancellations made at a later date will not be refunded.
Deposit (0%)
Rules & Regulations
BUCKEYE BEACH PARK Rules & Regulations
Article I. Membership
a. Campground Members (Members) include the owner(s) of the camper plus their immediate family
members. Immediate family members must live in the same household and be under 18.
b. Parents/guardians are responsible for the safety and behavior of their children while on BUCKEYE
BEACH PARK property.
c. Memberships can be revoked, and the camper must be removed from the lot if the Members do not
abide by these Rules and Regulations.
Article II. Membership Dues
a. Membership Dues are to be paid in full no later than April 15 to receive the discounted price.
b. Membership Dues not paid by May 1
st shall result in the loss of all privileges and the removal of the
camper at the owner’s expense.
c. Membership Dues must be kept current to retain a membership in good standing. Membership
privileges shall be revoked if dues are not paid in a timely manner.
d. Membership Dues cover the lot rental, access to the pubic restroom facilities, common area and
fishing in the lake. No use of shooting is permitted by the members.
e. The Board reserves the right to change the Membership Dues and/or the Rules & Regulations at any
time as needed. A 30-day written notice will be given to each campground member.
Article III. Guests
a. Anyone other than the immediate family of the owner(s) is considered a Guest.
b. Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times while on BUCKEYE BEACH PARK
c. Members are responsible for the safety and behavior of all their Guests while on BUCKEYE
BEACH PARK Property.
d. Overnight Guests over 16 years old must pay a fee of $1.00 and register at the office.
e. The Board reserves the right to change these fees at any time.
Article IV. Camper Sales
a. The Board must be notified of all sales of campers.
b. Campers may not be sold with the understanding that the buyer may retain the same lot without
prior written consent from the Secretary of the Board of Directors of BUCKEYE BEACH PARK.
c. If the camper is to remain on the lot, the new owner must be a social member in good standing for at
least three months AND be approved by the Board prior to the sale.
d. There shall be a probationary period of 90 days for all new owners.
e. The Board reserves the right to refuse the use of a lot and the camper must be moved at the owner’s
Article V. Camper Restrictions
a. The camper must be occupied by the registered Campground Member(s).
b. Campers with pull outs fully extended must remain with the lot boundaries.
c. All campers must be kept in good repair.
d. No changes, alterations, or additions to lots may be made by the member without written approval
from the Board.
e. No underground cables, electrical wiring, conduit, or similar such items shall be permitted to be
constructed or maintained by or on behalf of any camper in the public areas of the BUCKEYE
f. The Board reserves the rights to have any camper deemed unsightly removed from the lot at the
expense of the owner.
Article VI. Deck Restrictions
a. All decks including steps must be within the lot boundaries.
b. Decks must be kept in good repair.
c. The Board reserves the right to have a deck repaired or removed if deemed unsightly.
Article VII. Storage Units (Sheds)
a. All storage units must be less than 100 cubic feet in size.
b. No more than two (2) storage units per campsite are permitted.
c. Storage units must remain within the lot boundaries and kept in good repair.
d. The Board reserves the right to have a storage unit repaired or removed if deemed unsightly.
Article VIII. Campsite Maintenance
a. The camper shall be responsible for the proper placement of his camper on his foundation stand and
proper installation of all utility connections in accordance with the instruction of management.
b. The management will supply utility connections to each lot, each resident shall be solely responsible
for the proper connection of utility connection from his camper. No occupant shall tamper with or
alter water and electric connections owned by BUCKEYE BEACH PARK.
c. Each camper is responsible for keeping his/her camp area clean. All garbage should be placed in
plastic bags and taken to the dumpsters.
d. No construction material to be placed in the dumpsters.
e. Fires are only permitted on stoves, grills, or designated areas. Never leave a fire unattended. All
fires must be fully doused before retiring for the night. Firewood must be kept 6” above ground on a
pallet or other device to avoid pest infiltration.
f. Cutting of live trees is prohibited. Dead fall wood around camp area may be used for firewood. No
chemically treated wood or debris may be burnt in designated areas in BUCKEYE BEACH PARK.
g. Removal of fire rings, picnic tables, wood, etc. from another campsite or BUCKEYE BEACH
PARK common property is prohibited.
h. No fuel or other flammables to be stored under camper.
i. All propane tanks, regardless of size, must be secured to a fixture and cannot stand alone.
j. Use the drains to dispose of dish water. Wastewater is not to be put in the ground or water.
k. No buckets or receptacles may hold standing water or liquid for prolonged period. Liquid should be
disposed of nightly during your stay or receptacles should be placed upside down as not to acquire
additional liquid/water.
l. Keep the public restrooms and showers clean and tidy.
m. No enclosed porches are permitted.
n. No tents are allowed in campground unless authorized by the Board.
o. All campground members are responsible for having their camper winterized annually. Any damage
caused to the BUCKEYE BEACH PARK water lines or water system, because of frost or water lines
freezing of camper’s water pipes and connections shall be repaired at the camper’s expense.
Article IX. Pets
a. Only two domestic pets (dogs and/or cats) are permitted at the campsite at one time.
b. No livestock type pets are permitted at any time, unless prior approval from Management. (rabbits,
chickens, pigs, horses etc.)
c. Dog owners must clean up after their pets when using any BUCKEYE BEACH PARK common
d. Dogs must not be kept outside at any time, unless on a leash in accordance with the Ohio Leash
Law. All outside cats must be neutered.
e. All pet waste must be bagged & properly disposed of in the dumpsters. Any pet waste that is not
properly bagged & disposed will be collected by Maintenance and a fee will be incurred to your
account. (See fee schedule)
f. Any pet that becomes a nuisance may be banned from the BUCKEYE BEACH PARK property.
Article X. Vehicle Registration
a. The speed limit on BUCKEYE BEACH PARK property is 6 MPH.
b. Drivers of any motorized vehicle under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Drivers must
be 16 and have a current driver’s license to drive after dark. All vehicles driven after dark must have
proper lighting.
c. Members and their guests must park in the designated parking sites for Health & Safety issues.
Unloading your vehicle is permitted for a period & then the vehicle must be moved to the designated
site. Please do not block any vehicles. (we consider a load and unload time 30 mins or less).
d. Golf carts, ATV, etc. must be kept in good repair and parked in lot boundaries.
e. All non-working vehicles must be removed promptly.
f. Storage of cars, truck, boats and/or trailers is prohibited unless prior approval from Management.
Article XI. Other Regulations
a. Electricity & Water to the campground shall be turned on April 15th and turned off November 15th,
weather permitting.
b. All Members, their immediate family and their guests must also abide by the following Buckeye
Lake Rules & Regulations.
c. Arrangements for the use of the community building must be made with management prior to use.
d. All use of firearms is strictly prohibited. Fireworks are permitted in restricted areas only (not in the
e. No rude or obnoxious behavior will be tolerated at any time.
f. Be considerate of your neighbors and keep the noise at a minimum. We honor a 11pm to 8am code
of quiet. No loud vehicles, music, etc.
Signature of Acknowledgement
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