Premium Location in North Scottsdale on Ranch

Property Attributes
Property Insurance
Tiny Homes Allowed
Pets Allowed
Garbage Bins
Gated - Fenced
Onsite Manager
Maximum per RV
2 people
Vehicles per Site
2 vehicles
Stay Length
1 - 180
Maximum RV Length
75 feet
Number of Sites
4 sites
/ Day
/ Week
/ Month
Rhonda D
Listing Type:
Overnight Site
Boondocking is free, dry and no reservations required
Property Type:
Farm / Ranch, Acreage, Driveway
Property Amenities:
Off Leash Area
Wine Tasting
Farm Tour
Site Amenities:
Fire Pit
RV Pad:
Pull-through, Back in, Gravel
The ranch is a quiet lovely property in the heart of Scottsdale. The property has a wall enclosing 2.55 acres. You are 5 minutes from everything! Costco, Sams, grocery stores, movies, Whole Foods, great restaurants and much more. Off the 101 expressway.

Special - Limited spaces available, do not wait.

‚ÄčNice park- like setting - Great location with friendly RV neighbors.
Site Type
DayRV Site With Power
Power - 30 Amp
Power - 50 Amp
WeekRV Site With Power
Power - 30 Amp
Power - 50 Amp
MonthRV Site With Power
Power - 30 Amp
Power - 50 Amp
DayRV Site DryDry - No Services
MonthRV Site Prepaid 3 or 5 Months
Power - 30 Amp
Power - 50 Amp
Heather M
Cindy M
Cory C
Donna H
Nicole S
A. O
Gail W
Arva T
Jeremy G
Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellations made 30 days before will be fully refunded.
  • Cancellations made at a later date will not be refunded.
Deposit (0%)
Rules & Regulations

USE: Only the Registered Guests may reside on the premises.

TERMINATION: Either party may terminate this Agreement for any reason by giving the other party ten (10) days notice pursuant to ARS §33-341(B). Owner may terminate this Agreement without notice in the event of the Guest failure to pay MAINTENANCE OF PROPERTY or for criminal conduct of any member of Guest’s household or conduct in violation of the Crime Free Addendum.

BUSINESS: Guests are not allowed to operate any form of business on or from this property. This is a violation of Scottsdale ordnance and regulations. No Exceptions!

PARKING: Do NOT park in front of garbage cans at any time and make sure your guests know that as well. Park your vehicles only in your area. Park your guests' vehicles at your space or guest parking up to 8 hours (NO OVERNIGHT PARKING) if they cannot park in your space. Please note that any vehicle that is parked on any other spaces, park streets or over night will be towed without notice at RV resident's expense.

Vehicles NOT allowed on property: (Scottsdale Ordnance & Policy, No exceptions)
•Utility trailers or box trailers over a 5' x 8'
•Business based trailers, vehicles or equipment of any type.

Number of vehicles allowed per space: (Scottsdale Ordnance & Policy, No exceptions)
•2 vehicles and 1 RV per space.

MAINTENANCE OF PROPERTY: MAINTENANCE OF PROPERTY under this Agreement, shall be paid without deductions, offsets or prorating, shall be paid per month as indicated by seasonal rates. There are NO special discount rates offered to groups. The MAINTENANCE OF PROPERTY shall not be refunded for any reason. There shall not be any credit for early leave. Electricity and tax is not included in the MAINTENANCE OF PROPERTY. Owner reserves the right to increase MAINTENANCE OF PROPERTY at anytime.

Guests must prepay 100% of the Maintenance of Property amount and appropriate fees prior to arrival. There are no refunds or credits issued for early departures or cancellations.

All Maintenance of Property will be paid by Cash.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: All rates do not include taxes and are subject to change without notice. All rates are based on a maximum of two persons. Fee for each additional person is pending space requirements. All visitors must be registered with Guest Services. Maintenance of Property must be prepaid. Monthly rates are based on calendar months and not days. No sub leasing Maintenance of Property of space permitted for any reason. In case of evictions, no refunds will be given.

•NO dangerous breeds
•Must be kept indoor except when you take them out for walking.
•Must be leashed all the time outside of your RV.
•Must pick up after animals.
•NO barking.
•NO guest pets
•NO outside cage, fence or kennel.

CRIME FREE ADDENDUM: In consideration for the execution of the space identified in the Maintenance of Property agreement, Owner and Guest agree as follows:
Guest, any member(s) of the Guest’s household, guests, or any other person affiliated with the Guest, at or near the Guests premises:
1. Will not engage in the unlawful manufacturing, selling, using, storing, keeping or giving of an illegal or controlled substance as defined in ARS §13-3451, at any locations, whether on or near space.
2. Will not engage in any illegal activity, including, but not limited to the following:
Prostitution as defined in ARS §12-3211
Criminal street gang activity as defined in ARS §13-105 & 13-2308
Assault as defined in ARS §13-1203
Threatening or intimidating as defined in ARS §13-1202
Criminal damage as defined in ARS §13-1602
Disorderly conduct as defined in ARS §13-2904
Facilitation of a crime as defined in ARS §12-1004
3. A single violation of any of the provisions of this addendum will be deemed a serious violation, and a material and an irreparable non-compliance, and will be good cause for immediate termination of the Maintenance of Property agreement. Unless otherwise provided by law, proof of violation will not require a criminal conviction, but will be by a preponderance of the evidence.
4. In case of conflict between the provisions of this addendum and any other provisions of the Maintenance of Property agreement, the provisions of this addendum will govern.
5. This Maintenance of Property Addendum is incorporated into the agreement executed or renewed this day between Manager or Owner and Guest.
6. I hereby authorize management to use all police generated reports as direct evidence in all eviction hearings against me.

CHILDREN UNDER 18: Adult guardians are responsible at all times for the safety and behavior of children staying at their RV. Adult supervision is mandatory at all times. Children and adults will stay out of yard of owner’s home. Children are not allowed to play in the street or other spaces.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES: An additional NSF Fee of $35.00 per returned check will be charged.
Extra Person Fee: $60 per person per month from 3rd person (monthly only daily stay is higher), Pet Fee: $20 per pet from 3rd pet (monthly only, daily stay is higher).
Notice Fee: $25.00 for any notice sent to Guest that constitutes legal notice of violations under this agreement.
Late charges: $5.00 per day retroactive to the day following the due date for any lot Maintenance of Property fee received within five (5) days after due date.

REFUNDS on Maintenance of Property: Refunds are only available with a minimum of 30 days written notice prior to your reserved arrival date. $250 cancellation fee for monthly and longer stay. $150 cancellation fee for weekly stay.

DESCRIPTION OF RV: Guest warrants the Type, Make, Year, and VIN accurately describes the RV, which will be placed on the space

INTERNET & CABLE TV: The Owner does NOT provide cable or Wi-Fi. Internet & cable TV are available by subscribing through the local cable company only. WIFI password for service is RavenandDemi if you are able to connect to my Internet.

MAIL: The owner does NOT accept mail or packages. Residents can rent a PO BOX, use general delivery or make other arrangements to receive any mail or package.

Even if the space assigned is not your preferred choice, owner is under NO obligation to neither provide another space NOR refund your stay.

RESTROOMS: You are required to use your own showers and restroom facility in your RV. All RVs are required to be equipped with working toilets and showers.

CHECK OUT TIME IS BY 12PM. Late departure fee is $35.

MODIFYING YOUR STAY: Payment is required within 24 hours of extending your stay. If changing the length of your stay, we cannot apply your weekly Maintenance of Property to the monthly Maintenance of Property or monthly Maintenance of Property to weekly Maintenance of Property.

You will NOT be able to extend your space if space has already been promised to another guest. All monthly Guests must notify owner at least 30 days prior to departure or submit an extension request to check the availability. For weekly stays, please ask for availability at least 48 hours prior to your departure date.

RV’S AND VEHICLES SETUP AND MAINTENANCE: If you have a 5th wheel, you must put cement block under the 2 front legs of your 5th wheel. MANAGEMENT is not liable for your rig and its proper blocking. Management does not help with repairs.

POWER: There are three 50 AMP spaces and the Park does not allow plugging into 15 or 20 AMP. There is one 30 AMP space and we do not guarantee to provide 30 AMP space. No other amps are available. Power is provided from APS utility and there is a sub meter installed for accurate reading for your share of electricity, which is due within 5 days of billing. A $10 late fee will be added if late.



STRAY ANIMALS: Feeding stray animals such as cats, dogs, bird is strictly prohibited. Leaving food or water for animals outside is also prohibited.

SPEED LIMIT is 5 miles per hour speed.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: We are not responsible for loss, damages or claims to property due to fire, theft, accident or any other cause. There are no sheds, carports, living tents, or merchant canopies allowed in RV spaces. Proof of Insurance of your RV is required prior to entry on property.

SECURITY: Possessing weapons such as firearms, knives, chains, etc., while outside a personal camping vehicle is not permitted on this property. Do not modify the security lights. Tampering with security lights is grounds for eviction from the premises.

QUIET HOURS: Scottsdale police enforces the city ordinance from 10pm to 8am.

LANDSCAPING: Trees pose a natural hazard of falling debris, such as leaves and branches. Owner does not assume responsibility for these natural hazards or for any property damage, injury or circumstances that may result.

GARBAGE: Commercial or construction garbage is not allowed on the premises nor be disposed of in dumpsters. Spring cleaning or excessive garbage as determined by management is not allowed. Garbage bins near gate are for daily-bagged residential garbage only. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

RULES AGREEMENT: Guest agrees to abide to the extent applicable with the rules and regulations and statements of policy. Subleasing shall not be allowed. These rules, regulations and policies are not negotiable and apply to all Guests at this facility. Owner reserves the right to terminate tenancy at anytime without reason. Violation of the park's rules, regulations, policy, local laws and Maintenance of Property agreement are considered grounds for automatic termination of tenancy.

JURY TRIAL WAIVER: The parties hereby waive their respective rights to trial by jury in eviction actions.

ATTORNEY'S FEES: In the event of a dispute here under, the prevailing party shall be entitled to his/her reasonable attorney’s fees.

This agreement will be month-to-month and no longer than 5 months.




Winter: December thru February $100

Spring: March thru June $150

Summer: July thru September $250

Fall: October thru November $150

Electric will be charged in advance and overages will be collected within 5 days of billing. Any credit will be advanced to the next month.

Email me for additional Information or questions @

Reservations are made only after payment has been secured.

Special Now!!! Call for pricing

‚Äč3 months or 5 months prepaid special.
Must be prepaid all at once and non refundable, no credit issued, no subleasing allowed.

For monthly and longer, the maintenance of property fee includes water, trash, and sewer.

Electricity is billed monthly and varies on the season. Sub-meters are installed so you will know your actual usage and full payment is due 5 days after notice is emailed or texted to you. If payment is late, there will be a $10 charge added on.


All rates are subject to change at any time without notice.
Total Maintenance of Property Fee for entire reservation term is due upon reservation.
All rates are based on two persons. Fee for each additional person is $60 per month.
All visitors must be registered.
Monthly rates are based on calendar months and not days.


Minimum of 3 months Maintenance of Property Fee has to be prepaid for 3 months or more stay.
If a reservation is canceled within 30 days of the listed date, the Maintenance of Property Fee will be forfeited.


$250 cancellation fee for monthly and longer stay.
Residents who choose to cancel their monthly space reservation prior to its expiration date must give a minimum of 30-day written notification to vacate


For Long Term Guest:

Security Deposit. Before moving into the Guest Space, the Guest is responsible for a Security Deposit of $700 with the Owner. This Security Deposit is security that the Guest will comply with all the terms of this agreement. This Security Deposit may not be used to pay the last month’s Maintenance of Property fee.

If the Guest breaks or otherwise violates this Agreement prior to the official move-out date, the Owner may be able to keep all or part of this Security Deposit to cover unpaid Maintenance of Property fees, damage to the property, breaches of agreement, or attorney fees for eviction if necessary.

Upon Guest move-out date, the Owner will inspect and document the condition of the Guest’s lot space. Within 30 days of the end of this Agreement, if the Guest has supplied the Owner with a forwarding address, the Owner will do one of two things.

1. If the Guest has complied with all terms of this agreement and returns the lot space to the Owner in the same good condition as when Guest moved on the lot, the Owner will return the $700 Security Deposit within 14 days of move out date.

2. The Owner will provide the Guest with a written notice within 14 days, including an itemized list as to why the full Security Deposit amount is not being returned to the Guest and a check for any remaining Security Deposit owed to the Guest after the allowed deductions have been made.

The Owner may use as much of the Security Deposit as necessary to pay for damages resulting from the Guest’s move-in, occupancy or move-out and demand that the Guest replace the amount of the Security Deposit used by the Owner.

If the Owner sells the property, the Owner will then be liable to return the Security Deposit and any unused months of rent to the Guest.


•NO dangerous breeds
•Must be kept indoor except when you take them out for walking.
•Must be leashed all the time outside of your RV.
•Must pick up after animals.
•NO barking.
•NO guest pets.
•NO outside cage, fence or kennel.

1. Any guest who wishes to keep a pet shall inform management prior to having pets in resident's space.

2. Pets are not to be kept outside your RV. Outside spaces with fence, cages or pens are not permitted for keeping pets.

3. A Pet Rider shall be signed immediately by the guest.

4. Common household pets shall include domesticated dogs, cats, rodents, fish, birds and turtles kept for pleasure. No Guest shall have more than two cats or dogs in one space.

5. The pet owners must be able to maintain control over their pets.

6. Pets shall be restrained (cats and dogs must be leashed) when on premise outside the owner’s unit.

7. Pet owners shall be liable for any damage caused by their pets.

8. Pet owners shall provide the name and address of a pet caretaker who will assume responsibility for the care of their pets should the owner be unable to, as well as the name and address of the veterinarian responsible for the pet’s healthcare. If the Guest is unable to provide the name of a pet caretaker, he/she shall make alternative arrangements for pet care in an emergency and shall notify management of these arrangements. This information will be updated annually.

9. In case of resident's pet bites anybody other than the pet owner, including but not limited to another Guest or management, the pet owner must vacate his/her space immediately and pay all the necessarily fee damaged to the injured party. No refund on the rent.

10. Pet owner shall provide pictures of animals prior to having pets in their space.

11. Management may review the suitability of the pet and the ability of the Guest to keep the pet.

12. In a case of a resident's absence or inability to care for a pet even if it's a short-term emergency means that the pet must be removed from the property and a pet caretaker or veterinarian has to take care of the pet at their property.


Guests agree to promptly and regularly perform the following obligations in respect to ownership of a pet.

Keep the unit and its patios, if any, clean and free of pet odors, insect infestation and pet feces, urine, waste and litter.

Restrain and prevent the pet from gnawing, chewing, scratching or otherwise defacing the doors, walls, windows and floor coverings of the park property, including but not limited to the common area, buildings, landscaping and shrubs.

Immediately remove, clean up and appropriately dispose of any pet feces, waste and litter deposited by the resident’s pet on the common grounds, shrubs, flower beds, sidewalks, accessways, parking lots and streets of the project. Dispose of pet waste and litter immediately.


Guest agrees to properly and at all times observe the following restrictions on ownership of a pet.

Guest shall exercise proper restraint of a pet so as to prevent it from becoming a nuisance to any other Guest or person. Cats and dogs will wear an identification collar at all times.

The pet shall be maintained and properly licensed and inoculated as required by local, county or state statute, ordinance or health code.

Pets of vicious or dangerous disposition shall not be permitted. Any pet duly determined to constitute under state or local law as a nuisance or threat may be required to be immediately removed.

A pet shall not be permitted to disturb the health, safety, rights, comfort or peaceful and quiet enjoyment of other resident.

Pets except service animals shall not be permitted to enter owners yard, etc.

Guests shall be responsible for the proper care and feeding of their pets. If the health or safety of the pet is threatened by the death or incapacity of the pet owner or if the pet is left unattended for 24 hours, the management may contact the responsible party designated by the pet owner in the pet registration, veterinarian or animal control. If pet caretaker is unavailable or unwilling to care for the pet, the management may contact the appropriate state or local authority to remove and care for the pet.

If neither source of aid is available, the property owner may enter the premises, remove the pet and arrange for pet care for no less than 30 days to protect the pet. Funds for such care must come from the pet owner’s own cost.

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