Evergreen Birch Lodge and RV Sites

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Private landowner: For farms, driveways, lake lots, acreages...Commercial RV Park: is for RV Parks, Campgrounds... Free Camping Spot: are for boondocking spots, Federal Lands, Crown Lands, Walmarts and any business that allows free overnight parking
Commercial RV Park
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7 sites
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Beverley M
Our resort provides quiet enjoyment , great bird watching and every RV Site has its own fire pit, camping table and firewood is supplied. Free laundry ,showers and internet are available to all RV sites. All Lodges, cottages and Tiny houses are fully equipped, private patios, BBQ, en suite laundry
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DayRV Site
Power - 30 Amp
Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellations made 30 days before will be fully refunded.
  • Cancellations made at a later date will not be refunded.
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Do not recommend
I wouldn't recommend this place. we signed seasonal full service rv spot with her and not even a wk in we started our diesel truck drunk owner didnt bother knocking on our door but instead took it upon herself to shut our vehicle off and quad away? was running less than 10 minutes I have a baby I'll start my truck and let it run as I please she then proceeded to text that she could no longer accommodate ... more to our needs. still no physical or verbal communication. we packed up and left phone had no service due to being at work the following day and once in range the phone is blowing up with texts from this unstable woman that there is now a peace bond between my husband and herself. still no verbal or physical communication between any of us this woman is very unstable and a drunk glad we got out when we did do not want my family around this. I'll be sure to leave reviews about this treatment on any forum for you Bev to make sure no other family is treated this way for simply starting and running their vehicle
Leanne L
We are sorry we could not meet your expectations.
We are sorry we could not meet your expectations. One of our guests in an adjacent cabin was having difficulty breathing as the fumes from your truck were flowing into their cabin. We also had a noise complaint concerning your truck and we promise our guests quiet enjoyment at our resort. Once again we are so sorry if we offended you in any way.