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Accepting Applications Free RV Full Hook Up - Learn Off the Grid Living on the Oregon Coast
If you have a RV, 5th Wheel and have an interest in Sustainable, Permaculture or Off the Grid Living the Sustainable Living Center is for you. The Center is not a working Ranch, but a Living and Learning Laboratory in which you will be designing Sustainable Systems and finding out how to live Sustainable.

As part of your Free Rent package is 6-8 hours Mentoring Sessions in the follow areas:

Vegetables. . .. . .. . .New Ways to Grow

Tomatoes. . .. . .From July to Thanksgiving

Lettuceā€¦...Grow lettuce all year on your deck when there is no electrical power

Chickens. . ..Eggs What do you do with your chickens when there is no feed to buy

What else will you learn?

Fertilizer: When there is no fertilizer to purchase

Earth Pizza Ovens

We offer four (4) options to Live on the Oregon Coast and Learn from Free Workshops in exchange for Barter-Hours Labor.

This opportunity is for someone that is serious about,,,,,,,,Sustainable, Permaculture, or Off the Grid Living.

The Center is a Sustainable Community with everybody has their own lodging, food, heat and sanitation facilities. We are NOT a communal, political, environmental, religious, or militia community.

Successful applicants may stay for any length of time.

Options with Barter-Hour Labor. The number of Barter-Hours required depends on which option is selected:

1. Live at Center Free with Barter Labor-- If you provide your own housing in the form of self-contained (Rig) RV, Travel Trailer, or 5th Wheel, free electric, available water, and sewer, plus 6 -8 weekly workshops will be provided, in exchange for Barter-Hours of labor. The Center is on Hwy 101 (Pacific Coast Hwy) near Lincoln City, Oregon 97367.

2. If you do not have a self-contained Rig. A private bedroom and private bath is available plus a 6 - 8 hours weekly workshops are provided, in exchange for $450/month and Barter-Hours of Labor.

3. Live on 80-acre Ranch Free with Barter Labor- This option is only available after you completed living 120 days living at the Center. If you provide your own housing in the form of self-contained (Rig) RV, Travel Trailer, or 5th Wheel, you will receive free electric, water, sewer hookup, plus 6 - 8 hours weekly workshops, in exchange for Barter-Hours of labor. The 80-acre Ranch is 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean in Oregon and 7 miles from the nearest town of 1300 people with: riverside park; bank; gift shop, Grange Hall, bakery; restaurant; video store; (5) churches; grocery store; library; post office; roadhouse\sport bar; fuel station and mini market. The ranch is surrounded by 20,000+ acres of logging land. It is a land locked island of 80 level acres surrounded on two sides by a wild salmon, trout, and steelhead river

4. Attend a Sustainable Workshops, if you are not member of the Center. Sessions cost is $25/session, but you have to make you own housing arrangement.

Application can be found at

Details of Center's CURRENT sessions activities, go to:

Details on the Center's FUTURE session go to

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