What is Champing?

By RVwithME 1/1/2023 3 minutes

Have you heard of champing? Champing is church camping. It’s becoming a popular way for RVers to find RV parking across England. While it hasn’t taken off in North America yet, churches often let RVers stay on their property for free or for a donation depending on the time of the week. Let’s look at the future of champing and how you can get a unique RV experience by giving it a try.

Consider Champing On Your Next RV Trip

Not all churches will allow RV parking. It’s important when planning a champing RV trip in North America that you either call churches ahead of time or make sure you arrive when someone is on the property to answer questions. You want to make sure it’s okay to park there, so you don’t get towed. If they ask for a donation or a small fee, consider that it’s going to church that works in the community and does well for it.

The champing phenomenon in England is a bit different than it’s playing out in North America now. In England, champing refers to more traditional camping in tents on a property. Many churches in England that offer champing do so for free in exchange for volunteering on church property helping with everything from community outreach to cleanup and other tasks. In some churches, you can live as nuns to see what the life is like.

Champing, when it comes to RVing, only varies by where you sleep at night. Instead of sleeping in a tent like you would in England, you’d stay in your RV. Most churches won’t offer any hookups, so you’ll be dry camping all the way. You also won’t be able to use a generator or barbecue, so you have to rely on other methods of staying cool during summer, cooking throughout the day, and staying entertained. You’ll need to be creative, savvy, and plan to champ no matter where your destination lies.

For some RVers, the opportunity to champ is right up their alley. For others, it might not be the RVing experience they’re looking for, especially when traveling with small children and pets. If you’re looking for a once in a lifetime opportunity, consider reaching out to churches on a given route or at a destination to see what they offer in ways of champing spots.

As champing becomes more popular, you’ll see more churches offering RV parking throughout the year. They’ll offer events, experiences, and the chance to meet community members you might not have a chance to meet in an RV park or campground. Champing could change the way RVers stay across North America if it becomes more popular. Champing is a new way to camp, RV, and travel. For some travelers, it’s not just a way to get closer to God but also a way to try a new form of RVing.

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