Why Boondocking?

By Van Girl 1/1/2023

There are two reasons to try this adventurous option:

Boondocking is for those who want to truly “get away from it all.” Parking your camper or pitching your tent in a relaxing, serene environment with no distractions is a dream turned to reality for some travellers.
This free option is also a great way to hang your hat for the evening when you’re on the road travelling to your destination. If you need a place to park your RV for the night, a commercial parking lot or private plot of land offers a quick stop in the evening and an easy departure in the morning.
Boondocking can be fun, thrilling and less expensive than staying at a campground. It also reduces your impact on the environment. With stars to light up your night and a fire pit to keep you warm (where allowed), you won’t need to worry about electricity or using unnecessary resources.

Do you have some unused space on your property or in your parking lot? List it today on our free reservation site and help campers and RVers make their adventure exciting and stress-free.

Van Girl

We need this for Vans too. Factory Conversion Van users who have no Solar or extra Batteries who can just ug into electric on a driveway perhaps or a front or back yard for a night.
I am looking for a driveway or better a private type yard to sleep in my SUV just at night. .
Lisa J
Hi ,can you list what state you are looking?