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Located just up the hills from Moncton, at about 5 KM from the TransCanada highway, our location is perfect to store your camper / trailer or RV away from general trafic and onlookers as our lands in backyard are not visible from the main road.  There is space for a few dozen of RV or campers / trailers at a reasonable price to store them over the winter with an access to them on request all winter (except right after a storm) as needed. Available from October 1st to May 31.

Payment can be done via interact (Debit/Credit) onsite or e-transfer or cash.
Price is $40 CAD for hard surface storage or $25 CAD for soft surface storage.

Please don't hesitate to send a message and ask questions.

Thank you.


Q: Is this Indoor or outdoor?
A:  It is an outdoor storage

Q: Is this on hard surface or soft surface?
A:  Both are available. If you're willing to store your trailer on a soft surface, a plywood is recommended and a discount of $15 can be offered on the current price. 
The price listed is for storage on a hard surface, gravel patch, that can accomodate up to 12 trailers.

Q:  Is there any security onsite?
A:  Cameras are operating 24/7 and have a three months memory so if anything goes missing we can trace back the footage.  Also dogs are onsite as well.  I do always recommend to lock your trailer, not only to prevent unwanted visits but also to prevent mother nature to blow open your door and fill the place with snow in a storm ;)

Q:  Is it accessible all winter long?
A:  It is accessible on request ; I need to use the tractor to make a path so you can access your trailer in January, February and March.  Most of the time there isn't too much snow neither but it's a good idea to check with me before coming to your trailer.

Q:  What is the occupancy rate?
A:  Most requests come in after September 15 and up to end of October when you are looking to store your trailer outside the city. We do accept trailers up until the first snow storm has arrived.  After the first snow storm, the site will not be accessible to add new trailers. 

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